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Considering a broader goal to re-sensualize the built environment, we are interested in contributing to the ongoing dialogue about human-centric design. Considering that the average time we spend indoors is 90 % where pollutant concentration is often 5 times higher than outdoors, it is fundamental to rethink design from a sustainability perspective, for healthier spaces.


In this page we inform you about projects with a green soul and innovative materials, furnitures and appliances, an illustrated journey across the green design possibilities offered in today's market.

Innovative sustainable kitchen designs



Today's cuisine doesn't stop at the simple ritual of preparing and cooking food. It becomes a place for experimentation, a space with hi-tech accessories for professional-level performance.


Stefano Boeri's tree-centered kitchen "Oasi" is designed for wellbeing, sustainability and conviviality, it is a freestanding unit that contains everything you need: cupboards for storage, appliances for cooking and washing, and even an extendable table for dining. 



The "Storie" collection by CEDIT consists of large ceramic fields for covering indoor surfaces. They are created by a skillful and organized mixing of pigments which results in astonishing shade effects.


Traditionally, plasters and masonry decorations in Italian architecture fade slowly and fascinatingly over time, creating an expressive visual effect. It is the fluidity of these porcelain stoneware sheets that defines an ideal figure of contemporary ceramics.

innovative surfaces for interior design
Natural light in interior design



There are many ways that you can make your living room eco-friendly. You can use natural light in the space, use natural fabrics like wool, cotton and linen instead of synthetic fibers and try to buy furniture made with sustainable wood.  

Pur Pur Creative's approach to build and transform living spaces into sustainable solutions in order to improve quality of life, through the usage of natural materials, colours and plants. 



Dining rooms with a color scheme based on not many colors, with furniture and decorations that aren't too loud will make this room stand out and create a warm, contemporary feel to the space. 

Pur Pur creative removes clutter and excess elements within its structure to give it a light and airy expression, while creating a natural, toxic-free and comfortable flow through the space.

natural, toxic-free interior design
New work



Space, modularity, simplicity, autonomy, respect for the environment: these are the innovative office buzzwords.

From giants to smaller firms, the workplace is being reshaped. Nowadays we are able to work anywhere and this is the most beautiful thing. It's about freedom. At home or in the office, walking around is more important than remaining seated. Flexibility, creativity and cooperation with selected office furniture manufacturers are the prerequisites for us as interior designers to implement this new way of working in rooms and to promote and increase performance as well as well-being. We interprete them in a new, eco friendly way.

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