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Katrin von Mallinckrodt and Christine Comes are the visionaries behind the international interior design studio Pur Pur Creative.


With projects spanning private homes, offices, hospitality, and retail, the German and Italian design duo create interiors with the intention of enriching the senses, to provide meaningful experiences for people in a space that engages the mind (perception and cognition) and the body (the "physical" senses) for enhancing well-being and improving quality of life for humans. Using sustainable materials and furniture, an uncompromising standard of craftsmanship, the duo strive to create interior design concepts that are not just appealing, but also feel pleasant: SPACES FOR BEING.

Interior Design Award
Interior Design Award



Every project is characterized by a simplicity that conveys profound ideas. Rather than following trends or relying on technology, the projects take into account the body and mind. The work is clearly characterized by attention to detail, quality, and longevity. 

"We measure a room based both on its square meters and on its emotional weight. To make a space comfortable and stimulating, we must strike an ideal balance between what is practical and orderly on the one hand, and what we perceive as stimulating and comfortable on the other hand. By maximizing natural daylight and playing with tactility and color, we meet the emotional needs of the occupants. Our design stands the test of time in sense of sustainability and for many years to come with carefully chosen materials, elegant finishes and a combined work of design and craftsmanship."

Moodboard Interior Design
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